This might seem obvious, but the market is an important place to know to navigate our Bulltiverse. Contrary to other exchanges where we are verified, here you can see the items the bull you're buying comes equipped with and its relevant stats, or sort them by relevant info like rank. It's also the only place where you can buy our items! By the way, be sure to unequip your them when listing a bull if you don't want to have those sold too.
This is where your bulls can work for you to find chests, which contain the items that are needed to gain stats. While miner bulls can get much better items and in much shorter time, everyone is guaranteed to earn a chest every 14 days, making it the best options for lower level bulls.
The home of your bulls with balls. Here, you can stake them to produce DNA tokens, which are needed to initiate the breeding process. Together with our cows, balls are the backbone of our elastic supply, acting like masternodes to provide the seed for new bulls, and ultimately for fusion. Use DNA in cow auctions to breed a new bull, or sell it on the marketplace to earn passive income!
Are you ready to make some babies? Cow auctions are open to any player holding some DNA!
Bid on them based on their skin rarity and pregnancy time (maybe they have a good doctor with them?) to receive an entirely new bull. The skin rarity of the newborns is determined by 90% by the rarity of the cow and DNA that generated them!